Sayre 2014 LSC Election Results

Congratulations to Sayre’s new Local School Council!
Here are the final CPS tallies via Catalyst Chicago

Community Representatives (2 positions)
 Evan J. Nielsen, 38 votes
 Sheldon Middlebrooks, 22
(Bernard W. Murray, 21)
 (Pericles C. Abbasi, 19)

Parent Representatives (6 positions)
 Jennifer A. O’Connor, 42 votes
 Joseph V. McDermott, 38
 Evarista S. Rodriguez, 36
 Michael J. Purcell, 32
 Matthew J. Quilty, 28
 Harriette D. Coleman, 26
(Christy L. Smith-Hall, 22)
Teacher Representatives (2 positions)
 Paul Thomas, 19 votes
 Lori Ray, 12
Non-Teacher Staff (1 position)
 Madeline Lee-Troche, 20 votes
(William Liddell, 5
 Susana Ustabecir

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