FFO Shares the Love with Candygrams

candygramsThe Sayre Family and Friends Organization sold a whopping 1207 candy grams in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. Students lined up to order twice as many candy grams as we’d estimated, and FFO volunteers reported many glowing faces as they were distributed on Thursday. The sale raised $727.00 to support future events sponsored by the FFO. Big thanks to the students, parents, and volunteers that made the sale such a success!

2 thoughts on “FFO Shares the Love with Candygrams

  1. I’m happy for the outcome of the fundraiser. I have a question that is off the topic. But when will the gym wear be distributed to the students? I placed my order on January of this year and both the principal nor Sayre ffo have replied to my emails. I hope someone replies to my comment I would hate to think that my orders were lost and both of my children did not receive a receipt for the items. Thank you.

    • Hi Chris. Did you email Jan at jmahaffey5@aol.com? She should be able to answer your question. If you emailed sayre@sayreffo.org, it probably got lost, we’ve been trying to straighten out that email address since we launched this site and I keep thinking it’s working, then it’s not.