A Statement from the Sayre FFO

As the board of Sayre FFO we:

  • support and encourage open dialogue among students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators and the increased engagement of parents and community members in supporting our teachers and administration in their efforts to serve our children
  • appreciate the significant steps the administration has taken to improve communication and collaboration with parents and we look forward to continued growth and institutionalization in this area
  • want to help, in any way we can, foster the professional development of our teachers and administrators
  • know that Sayre‚Äôs uniquely diverse parent community and surrounding neighborhood have many resources that can be leveraged for the strengthening of a nurturing and safe educational environment that encourages individuality and the development of democratic citizenship and social responsibility
  • look forward to further growth in the collaborative utilization of these resources for the betterment of students, teachers, staff, administrators, and the broader community

As a parent organization, we commit to exploring creative ways, in collaboration with teachers and administrators, to help address pressing issues of bullying, recess structure, after-school program offerings, language class expansion, and teacher retention. We have all made the choice to send our children to Sayre Language Academy because it is a good school. We firmly believe that it has the potential to be a great school and we re-commit ourselves to doing all we can to bring that vision to a reality. We are hopeful that our teachers and administrators will continue to work together towards that goal.

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