Desire to Inspire Conference at Sayre School

DesireToInspireConference (2)Wondering who is presenting at the Desire to Inspire Conference at Sayre School this weekend?  Check out this awesome list of professionals and experts who are sure to inspire.  The event is FREE, open to the public, offers daycare, AND will be providing lunch!

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Developing Young Readers
Panel of presenters: Jessica Staff, Maggie Claudy, Alicia Jurnakin and Kate Mitchell Alfonzo
The panel will discuss the importance of early childhood literacy (birth to 5 years old) and the ways in which they incorporate these principles in their work lives as well as in their role as parents of young children. We will focus on practical strategies that parents can use at home and share personal accounts of both challenges and successes in developing literacy skills with our own children.

Financial Planning for College
Sonja Walker Heartland Institute of Financial Education
Ms. Walker will be going over basic College and Financial concepts for parents to ensure their children are prepared to reach any Academic goal. It is never too early to prepare financially for the educational success of our students.

Healthy Eating and Academic Achievement
Dr. Joseph Lee University of Chicago
Dr. Lee will share practical tips on preventative health, focusing on the importance of healthy eating. In addition, he will discuss the connection between physical health and academic achievement.

How to Live Under the Same Roof as Your Teen
Debbie Olson (Workshop in English & Spanish) Academy for Families
Ms. Olson will discuss how teens need hands-on parenting. She is currently teaching our junior high students through an amazing program from Academy of Families on Healthy Relationships & Choices supporting our students with social and emotional needs. Parents will learn effective family Communication, dealing with peer pressure and bullying and the importance of setting boundaries; cancelling distractions and encouraging children to remain focused on their education. We encourage parents and students from 5th-8th grade to consider this workshop.   

Internet Safety
Officer Michael Medina (Workshop in English & Spanish) Chicago Police Department
The internet has changed the way children interact with the world. Officer Medina will teach the basics of internet safety to parents, children, and youth. The topics covered are cyber bullying, exposure to inappropriate materials, online predators and revealing too much information. When presenting to parents, they are encouraged to stay informed to understand what their children are experiencing. Parents are also encouraged to have conversations with their children about internet safety using conversations starters.

Youth Work Ethics
Eddie Perez Business & Career Youth Services
Mr. Perez teaches parents how to help and support youth today on gaining skills and the education necessary to obtain and maintain employment. Further setting Academic goals and demonstrating tenacity throughout their education and work experience.

Winning Your Children
Jose Oyola Main Speaker in Auditorium
Mr. Oyola will give practical tips to help you connect with your children; and encourage them to achieve their highest Academic goals while overcoming distractions.