Sayre Sponsor-A-Book

cutebooksAt Family Reading Night this year, Ms. Bady worked with FFO Vice-President, Sarah Loffman, to create a wish list of books that would really benefit Sayre students.  A number of generous families came forward and gave a donation for a particular book.  The books will be purchased and a name plate inserted honoring the student and their family.

Are you interested in leaving a legacy by contributing to our library?  The books listed below still remain on the wish list at the time this article was posted.  Please contact Sarah directly if you are interested in sponsoring a book.  She can share which books are still available and how to sponsor.

Book Title Grade Price
12 Ways to Get to 11 P-2 $12.12
8 Class Pets + 1 Squirrel/1 Dog = Chaos K-3 $11.44
Algebra + Geometry = Anything But Square 5-9 $12.82
At the Eleventh Hour And Other Expressions about Money and Numbers 3-6 $17.76
The Bizarre Origins of Kangaroo Court and Other Idoioms 3-6 $18.65
Chinese Mythology Rocks! 7-12 $22.21
Cloud and Wallfish 5-9 $17.23
Dead End Norvelt 5-9 $11.91
Do You Want to Bet? Your Chance to Figure Out Probability 3-6 $11.18
Every Bone Tells a Story: Hominim Discoveries, Deductions and Debates 5-9 $18.18
Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear P-2 $17.08
Food Culture: Celebrating Diverse Traditions 3-6 $16.87
Freedom Over Me: Eleven Slaves, Their Lives and Dreams Brought to Life by Ashley Bryan 3-6 $18.14
Genetics 9-12 $18.65
Good Masters! Sweet Ladies: Voices from a Medieval Village 5-9 $14.21
Last Stop On Market Street P-2 $16.47
Locomotive 1-4 $18.14
Ostrich Boys 7-12 $12.60
Pax 3-6 $17.23
They All Saw a Cat P-2 $17.44
This Is Not My Hat P-2 $16.07
The Toughest Cowboy, Or How the Wild West Was Tamed 1-4 $12.12
Waiting P-2 $17.07
The Year of Billy Miller 3-6 $11.21