School-wide Campaign will Fund New Math Curriculum

At the end of last school year, the PPLC (Professional Personnel Leadership Committee) thKY28DRVM

determined that the biggest need at Sayre School was a new math curriculum for the upper grades.

The PPLC is a committee of teachers at a school that discusses curriculum and instructional challenges and needs and then reports these to the LSC and the school community.

“Currently the upper grade math teachers are pulling together different materials and resources to ensure their instruction is aligned with the Common Core Standards.  However, an updated classroom curriculum would allow teachers to focus solely on the content as opposed to splitting planning time with trying to locate appropriate instructional resources,” shared Ms. Pelc, Kindergarten teacher and member of the PPLC.

It would also “…better prepare our students for the challenging high school text books,” says Ms. Jordan-8th grade teacher.

The ongoing Spare Change campaign, will be one of many efforts made by the school community to fund raise for the new curriculum.  The estimated cost is approximately $10,000.  If you have a fundraising idea, a donor contact, or deep pockets, please email the FFO about contributing to this fundraising effort.

Otherwise, please share your loose change!