Sayre LSC elections

(UPDATED with vote totals)

Chicago Public Schools’ Local School Council elections will be held Wednesday, April 13, 2016 (report card pickup day) from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Sayre’s LSC includes 12 members: the principal, 6 parents/legal guardians, 2 community residents, 2 teachers, and 1 non-teacher staff member. Parents and community members vote for up to 5 parent and community representative candidates (School staff chooses the two teacher members and non-teacher staff member).

Parent and community voters must present 2 forms of I. D. to the election judges. Parent voters must present at least one form of I. D. or documentation establishing that they are the parent, legal guardian or temporary custodian of a child enrolled in the school (your student’s report card is accepted). Community voters must present at least one I. D. with a current residential address within Sayre’s attendance area.

Winners will serve a two-year term starting July 1, 2016. Here’s more info on the election and the LSC in general from CPS.

Sayre’s candidates are as follows (in order of filing):

COMMUNITY REPRESENTATIVES (2 positions, 1 candidate)
Eric Mattlin (incumbent) (statement) (W 25 votes)

PARENT REPRESENTATIVES (6 positions, 8 candidates)
Matthew Quilty (incumbent, current secretary) (unofficial statement)  (W 42 votes)
Nilmari Donate (incumbent, current vice-chair) (statement part 1) (part 2)  (W 64 votes)
Elizabeth Mondragon (incumbent) (statement)  (W 47 votes)
Michael Purcell (incumbent, current chair)  (W 58 votes)
Doris Fiallos (incumbent) (statement)  (34 votes)
Danielle Nevith  (12 votes)
Evaristo “Sonny” Rodriguez (incumbent)  (W 42 votes)
Michelle Pitts-Onochie (statement)  (W 53 votes)

TEACHER REPRESENTATIVES (2 positions, 3 candidates)
Nancy Williams (statement)   (W 15 votes)
Karen Childs (statement)   (not on final ballot)
Lori Pelc (formerly Ray, incumbent) (statement)   (W 9 votes)

NON-TEACHER STAFF (1 position, 1 candidate)
Alexandria Mack (incumbent) (statement) (W 13 votes)

Susana Ustabecir

Candidates without official statements posted at the school are invited to submit unofficial statements, we will link them above. Thanks to all candidates and voters for taking the time to get involved in our school and our community!