Sayre 2014 LSC Election Results

Congratulations to Sayre’s new Local School Council!
Here are the final CPS tallies via Catalyst Chicago

Community Representatives (2 positions)
 Evan J. Nielsen, 38 votes
 Sheldon Middlebrooks, 22
(Bernard W. Murray, 21)
 (Pericles C. Abbasi, 19)

Parent Representatives (6 positions)
 Jennifer A. O’Connor, 42 votes
 Joseph V. McDermott, 38
 Evarista S. Rodriguez, 36
 Michael J. Purcell, 32
 Matthew J. Quilty, 28
 Harriette D. Coleman, 26
(Christy L. Smith-Hall, 22)
Teacher Representatives (2 positions)
 Paul Thomas, 19 votes
 Lori Ray, 12
Non-Teacher Staff (1 position)
 Madeline Lee-Troche, 20 votes
(William Liddell, 5
 Susana Ustabecir

Sayre FFO 2014-15 Officers

At our April 8 meeting, the Sayre Family and Friends Organization held elections for next year’s FFO council. All positions were uncontested and filled:

President: Lisa Daleiden-Brugman
Vice President: Naima McDermott
Secretary: Denise Graziano
Treasurer: Jack Lesniewski (Not present, accepted verbally)
Communications: Bryan Bedell
Parent Patrol: Yolanda Vargas (Not present to accept the nomination, will be addressed at the May meeting.)

New officers take charge over the summer. Congratulations to the new officers, and many thanks to outgoing officers, notably our current president Jan Mahaffey, who has been a cornerstone of the FFO for many years, we all hope she’ll continue to stay involved in the future!

The complete minutes are available on the “Meetings” page.

2014 “My School, My Voice” Parent Survey

A reminder:

CPS’ annual “My School, My Voice” Parent Survey is now available online. The anonymous survey just takes a few minutes and is available in several languages. A paper copy of the survey is available at all CPS schools. The survey ends April 30.

Note Sayre is listed under “H” as “Harriet E Sayre Elementary Language Academy” in the pull-down menu.