February FFO Meeting

This month’s FFO meeting has been moved to Thursday evening (Feb 13) at 6pm at the school, directly preceding the regularly-scheduled Local School Council meeting.

The FFO will be discussing Spirit Week and other events. Please bring and share your ideas!

Speaking of the LSC, Local School Council elections are coming up on April 7 (also Parent-Teacher Conference day). If you’re interested in an LSC position, applications are due (in person) to the Office of LSC Relations, 125 S. Clark St., Suite 502, by next Wednesday, February 14, or to the school directly by Wednesday, February 26. Most schools are facing a shortage of applicants, while that’s not usually a problem at Sayre, we’d all like to see a variety of candidates running and offering a variety of choices, right? More info on positions, requirements, and the application process are right here.