Sayre CPS Letter Campaign

Naima M., Sheila L., Megan and Alex F. met over the weekend to draft a letter to CPS on behalf of Sayre parents. Here’s a copy of the letter to print and mail to CPS (Addresses listed below).

Parent volunteers will set up tables at Sayre today (Monday, June 24) after Kindergarten graduation and after school to collect signatures. If you can’t make it to the school today, print and sign the letter above (or, of course, you’re welcome to write your own letters with your specific viewpoints). If you can help collect signatures, please come to pick-up a bit early and plan to stay a bit late.

Naima shared the letter with Ms. Ustabecir, who has been supportive and responsive. Another parent meeting with Ms. U. is in the works, look for a note with your child tonight with the meeting date and FFO/LSC contact info, or check back here and we’ll announce the date (and any other plans) as information becomes available.

CPS contact addresses: Continue reading

Sayre Budget Update

After Ms. Ustabecir outlined the proposed new budget at the parent meeting last Tuesday, the Sayre LSC approved it at a special meeting Thursday night. According to LSC member Jennifer O’Connor, letters will be included stating the LSC does not agree with CPS’ budget cuts. The letters are addressed to Chandra James (Interim Chief of Schools of Austin North-Lawndale Network), Ms. Barbara Byrd-Bennett (Chief Executive Officer) and David Vitale (CPS School Board President).

Sayre parent Naima McDermott and others are organizing a parent/community letter-writing effort, look for volunteers on Monday after school for more information. If you can help draft the letter or volunteer on Monday, please contact Naima at 973-207-8974 or, or join the meeting at the North Avenue Starbucks this Saturday (June 22) at 5pm.

Another parent meeting is being discussed, we’ll post more info here as we get it. Please join the discussion and get up-to-date info at the Sayre FFO Yahoogroup.

Sayre Budget Meeting: Tuesday June 18

As you’ve surely read in the news, big CPS budget cuts are on the way. Sayre Language Academy Principal Suzana Ustabecir will discuss the new budget and meet with parents and local residents at 6pm on Tuesday, June 18 at the school. Take this opportunity to get involved and to find out more about the budget cuts directly from the Principal.